Qualities the best teachers must possess

Greatness is never simple

We could say the qualities of a good teacher are endless; teaching is a complex act, so it is very hard to give a complete and definitive list of the characteristics of best classroom teaching. A great teacher is at the same level as if you were watching an experienced doctor.  When teaching looks like a very easy task to perform, you should have in mind the fact that there is a difficult and precise plan behind all that. One could believe it is the simplest thing in the world until one tries to do it. Greatness in teaching is just as rare as greatness in any other profession.

Basic indicators

There are basic ones that seem to work for a wider number of good teachers. They have a friendly and pleasant access to students, so they don’t think of the teacher as an enemy.  Students get easily attracted to teachers with good, decent, presentable and likable personality. Teachers should act from a healthy moral compass.  The student should be respected, allowed to have their own beliefs, values, and feelings but with clear boundaries. When they get targets for behavior, they follow them. It all leads to a better communications and results will appear in no time.

If a teacher lacks in the knowledge and own education, he is never going to make a reputation as a good teacher. Best teachers often spend as much time preparing for a class as they do teaching it. To assure student understanding teacher has to know his subject of matter as best as possible and be able to teach the same information in many different ways. All students learn at different levels, and it is important that a teacher is willing to put the effort and adapt a lesson for needs of individual learners.

If a teacher is a good speaker, his class strength will increase automatically. It is well-known people love to hear a person who can speak well enough. That is one of basic communication skills. Also, a good listener is a patient quality that should be developed to make the best communication. Challenge is always an attractive way for students to act in. Good sense of humor, kindness, and caring seem like secondary qualities, but in contact with students, they show great importance and value. If students get bored and it is an often phenomenon, a good teacher should be able to make learning fun to some extent. Using special instructional methods that they feel comfortable with, you’ll find different teachers getting excellent results. No single teaching method works best for every student and every teacher.

Never-ending growth and change

Teaching like any other profession requires constant change. Great teachers remain open and intellectually alive to any change based on research, practice, and theory. A phrase like “lifelong learner” actually works. Only an antagonist will ignore the potential of new methods, cooperative learning approaches or most effective strategies in research. All these mentioned qualities are not easy to imprint, and it is essential for a teacher to understand these if he wants to perform well.