MDE Instructure : Canvas, the Best learning Management System

With the advent of the internet, almost everything has been digitalized. The Internet has brought forth many goodies that have made our day to day life easier. A lot of learners today are taking their courses online thanks to learning management systems used by the MDE Instructure.

Learning management system or LMS is a software that is being used by many schools across the US and other parts of the world in delivery of training programs and educational courses. It’s a handy tool that helps instructors deliver educational materials to students, administer tests and assignments, track their progress and also manage records. It’s replacing the use of blackboard in schools thus making learning easy and effective.

MDE Instructure

MDE Instructure is a company that has become famous for the development of Canvas learning management system. Located in Salt Lake City, the company strives to make teaching and learning easier by developing software such as Canvas in 2011, and Bridge in 2015.

Canvas is a flexible, customizable and adaptable LMS that can be supported by both windows and android. Since it was developed in 2015, canvas has made learning quite easier in several campuses in the US. It comes with a lot of benefits which make it stand out from the crowd. They include;

  • 1. High Speed- Canvas is a faster and more reliable than many LMSs as it’s hosted by the world’s robust hosting platform, Amazon Web Services which also hosts Netflix.
  • 2. Easy to Use. Instructors and students find Canvas easy to use not because of its simple interface, but its features. Instructors can post content seamlessly in various formats such videos and links to journals or articles. It also allows students to video conference with one another.
  • 3. Mobile App. Canvas supports Android version 4.2 or higher and iOS version 7 or higher. The mobile app has helped students a lot as most them like using smartphones to access the internet.
  • 4. Simplified Collaboration. This is another benefit for the students. Canvas enables learners to share documents, and host discussions within the LMS.
  • 5. Simple and Intuitive interface. With Canvas, everything is organized. The interface is simple to navigate, and you can easily figure out where the learning resources are located with little effort.
  • 6. Calendar. This is another useful feature in Canvas that helps students stay organized. It’s able to display due dates of all the assignments posted.
  • 7. Canvas integrates well with the common tools used in a classroom such as plagiarism detection software. It also makes it easy to grade and give feedback to the students. Instructors can build courses with Canvas easily and consistently.

Device Specification for Canvas

  • 1. Screen Size. Canvas works well on a minimum screen size of 800×600. If your device has a smaller interface, it’s recommended you use the mobile app.
  • 2. Operating system. Canvas works in Window 7 and other newer versions. It also works in Mac OSX 10.6 and newer. Those with mobile phones, as mentioned above, Canvas works in iOS 7 or newer versions and Android version 4.2 or newer versions.
  • 3. Browsers. Canvas will support Internet Explorer 11, Safari 9 and 10, Chrome 59 and 60, and Firefox 54 and 55.