COTC Moodle : What all learners and teachers need

COTC Moodle is an open source platform developed to help learners and educators. It has been translated into more than 120 languages to assist students from different parts of the world. There are various organizations all over the world which trust COTC Moodle as a reliable learning platform.

They include London school of economics, shell, the state university of New York, open source university and Microsoft. The platform is used by more than 90 million users across the globe. There are several benefits you enjoy out of the open source learning platform.

Benefits of using COTC Moodle

Supports both learning and teaching

The platform has been developed for over ten years while paying attention to the needs of learners as well as teachers. It delivers a set of student’s centric tools which makes learning as enjoyable and easy for students to comprehend different tasks.

Easy to use

The interface is straightforward. It allows learns and teachers to utilize drag and drop features as they learn complex subjects. The well-documented resources along with ongoing usability improvements make Moodle easy to follow.

Free with no licensing fees

The platform is available free of charge. You don’t have to buy any license before you can start utilizing the features of the platform. There are several advantages of using Moodle; it has great flexibility and cost effective. It can be utilized for both commercials as well as non-commercial purposes.

Always up-to-date

The platform is being updated on a regular basis. Users keep on demanding more, but the developers review the open source platform on a regular basis to come up with necessary updates so that the platform can remain relevant to users.

Available in different languages

It does not matter your language, even if you don’t understand English, you can have COTC Moodle in your tongue. The developers have gone further to translate the open source platform into more than 120 languages as a way of meeting the needs of different groups of people. Community discussions even make Moodle friendlier to different users.

All-in-one learning platform

The platform comes with online courses and a flexible tool set to support different learners. You can configure Moodle by disabling or enabling core features. The full range of in built features makes the platform easy to use. Some of the collaborative tools of the platform include forums, chats, wikis, and blogs which offer relevant information for learners and teachers.

Highly flexible and fully customizable

Different people have different needs. Moodle can be customized to meet the needs of diverse learners and teachers. Users can develop plugins and integrate external applications for them to achieve specific results. There are several plugins and add-ons you can utilize to reach different results from the module.

Scalable to any size

The open source platform can allow few users to millions of students and teachers. Both small classes and large organizations can utilize the power of Moodle. The great flexibility and scalability of Moodle make it highly sought learning resources. It can be used by education institutions, non-profit ventures, and community-based organizations. The platform is robust secure and private.